ISITI projects are carried out within Malaysia with a very large and diverse indigenous remote population. The institute brings together more than 30 researchers from different faculties and centers in UNIMAS, from the social sciences to ICTs and engineering. The approach taken in implementing the projects in remote areas requires much effort in community engagement and building relations, in addition to grappling with the challenges of deploying technologies in difficult remote terrains. Within this ambit, the following are the research thrusts in ISITI:
  • Bridging Digital Divide 
  • eHealth 
  • eLearning
  • Green Technology 
  • Indigenous Knowledge & Cultural Preservation
  • Socio Economic Development
  • Telecentre's Sustainability
Research in ISITI is carried out according to the research groups. However, in many instances multi and inter-disciplinary work is applied. Researchers at ISITI also engage with the community they are working with.


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  1. Social Innovation for Sarawak's Hinterland.
  2. Creating New Industries By Using Inter-Industry Data.
  3. COMPETEN-SEA: Capacity Building For Sustainable Knowledge of Knowledge Platform.
  4. SOTL: A Workflow For Tacit Knowledge Transfer Across Service Learning Offerings.
  5. Constructing a Competitive Rural Tourism Competency Index for Rural Tourism Destinations in East Malaysia.
  6. Maxis CBC Reporting, Marketing & ICT Enhancement Training Programme.
  7. MAXIS Connected Village.
  8. Success and Happiness by Activating Regional Economy (SHARE).
  9. Training, Promotions, Awareness and Community Engagement for 22 Sites Pusat Internet 1 Malaysia.
  10. The Grassroots Grant Assistance for Human Security Project from the Government of Japan Under Official Development Assistant (ODA) for the Electrification of Long Puah Using Solar Power System.
  11. Digitalising and Preserving Oro, a Secret Signage Language of the Nomadic Penans in the Rainforest.
  12. e-Commerce Content Development and Capacity Building of Indigenous Penans Community in Sarawak.
  13. Ngerabit eLamai: ICTs Supporting Socio-Economic Transformation.
  14. Cost Effective and Self-Sufficient Power Supply Model for Wireless End User Access Equipment in Rural Long Houses.
  15. The Preservation Of The Kelabit Language.
  16. The Grassroots Grant Assistance For Human Security Project From The Government Of Japan Under Official Development Assistant (ODA) For Long Lamai Electrification Using Micro Hydro.