What We Offer



Community Engagement and Need Analysis will be carried out to determine the gaps between information needs and existing skills, knowledge and assets of the local community.  Once the gaps are determined, the preparation of the training module will be aligned with the findings.



Highly qualified and experienced instructors with local international guest speakers from educational institute and industry.  Our training programmes are either pre-designed or customized to suit your particular needs.


In 2017, the Institute of Social Informatics and Technological Innovations (ISITI) was tasked by Sprintz Designs to take on two projects; Technopreneurship, Innovation & Enterprise Development (TIED) and Community Opportunities & Needs Supported Through Networked Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Communication Technology Strategies (CONNECTS). Both these projects leverage on the concept of social entrepreneurship and enterprise development for the benefit of society.

The TIED programme covers 18 sites from West Malaysia, with clustered sites in Johor Bahru, Negeri Sembilan and Perak. On the other hand, the CONNECTS programmed covers 12 sites in East Malaysia, with clustered sites in Sibu and Kuching.


TIED and CONNECTS takes on a train-the-trainer model, whereby experienced members from ISITI will first train the Pusat Internet staff, before these staff transfer the knowledge or guidelines gained from the trainings to the community.



Sprintz is an IT & Telecommunications company providing full range of engineering services.With more than 120 employees, combined with over 20 years of experience. They have successfully managed large projects with values exceeding RM50 Million.


Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission's key role was the regulation of the communications and multimedia industry based on the powers provided for in the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Act (1998) and the Communications and Multimedia Act (1998).


Maxis is the leading converged solutions provider in Malaysia providing a variety of high quality digital services encompassing voice, data, and solutions. They are passionate about bringing together the best of technology to help people, businesses and the nation to Always Be Ahead in an evolving world

The Training is carried out under the Technopreneurship, Innovation and Enterprise Development (TIED) and Community Opportunities & Needs Supported Through Networked Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Communication Technology Strategies (CONNECTS) Program awarded to Sprintz Designs by Maxis Berhad in collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.



University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS) is the culmination of the State of Sarawak’s vision and commitment in establishing a world-class institution of higher learning. The objective is to spearhead the development and production of technical human resource for the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).


Cornell is a privately endowed research university and a partner of the State University of New York. As the federal land-grant institution in New York State, they have a responsibility to make contributions in all fields of knowledge in a manner that prioritizes public engagement to help improve the quality of life in state, the nation, the world.


CMEDT aims to deploy programmes of 'distance learning' in all subjects (including programmes relating to the teaching of English as a foreign language and the development of vocational and professional skills). The deployment of the CATs programme which began in September 2016 is an example of the collaborative effort with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)