The ISITI-​CoERI projects are located within Malaysia with a very large and diverse indige­nous remote pop­u­la­tion. The insti­tute brings together more than 30 researchers from dif­fer­ent Fac­ul­ties and Cen­tres in UNI­MAS; from the social sci­ences, to ICTs and engi­neer­ing. The whole pro­ce­dure of imple­ment­ing the projects in remote com­mu­ni­ties is iden­ti­cal to where the deploy­ment of tech­nolo­gies takes very short time in com­par­i­son to engage­ment and rela­tion­ship build­ing with com­mu­ni­ties. Within this ambit, the fol­low­ing are the research thrusts in ISITI-​CoERI in 2013:

  • Bridg­ing the Dig­i­tal Divide
  • Socio Eco­nomic Development
  • Green Technology
  • eLearning
  • eHealth
  • Indige­nous Knowl­edge and Cul­tural Preservation
  • Telecentre’s Sustainability

Research in ISITI-​CoERI is con­ducted at the insti­tute and research group lev­els. All our researchers not only con­duct research, but also go down to the ground to study, design and imple­ment pro­grammes at the com­mu­nity level.

Research is creating new knowledge.

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