Tied & Connects

Tied & Connects

In 2017, the Institute of Social Informatics and Technological Innovations (ISITI) was tasked by Sprintz Designs to take on two projects; Technopreneurship, Innovation & Enterprise Development (TIED) and Community Opportunities & Needs Supported Through Networked Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Communication Technology Strategies (CONNECTS). Both these projects leverage on the concept of social entrepreneurship and enterprise development for the benefit of society.

The TIED programme covers 18 sites from West Malaysia, with clustered sites in Johor Bahru, Negeri Sembilan and Perak. On the other hand, the CONNECTS programmed covers 12 sites in East Malaysia, with clustered sites in Sibu and Kuching.

TIED and CONNECTS Programmes

The contents of the TIED and CONNECTS programmes are tailored to meet with the changing needs of Pusat Internet (PI) telecentres, local communities, government agencies, and members of the industries as well as academia. A total of 12 workshops have been planned to deliver the contents and modules which have been developed by team members with over 15 years of experience working with ICT for development. The programmes are focused on the five strategic thrusts, namely, the institutional capacity buildings, digital services, local innovation, new media and contents, and community wide integration and outreach for socio-economic development of the communities. Both the programmes are specifically structured to develop the capacity of Pusat Internet staff and extend the outreach of Pusat Internet services.

In addition to these tailor-made programmes, TIED and CONNECTS also includes value added training outside the programmes. An example of this is the deployment of the English literacy programme CATs in Malaysia, which is a collaborative project between Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) and the Cambridge Malaysian Education and Development Trust (CMEDT). The objective of this project is to enhance the English proficiency levels of the local community members through the CATs programme. The programme was carried out in 5 selected Pusat Internet under Sprintz Designs Sdn Bhd. The programme documented successful results, as an increase of grades was recorded by the projects, showcasing the efficacy of the CATs Programme.


TIED and CONNECTS takes on a train-the-trainer model, whereby experienced members from ISITI will first train the Pusat Internet staff, before these staff transfer the knowledge or guidelines gained from the trainings to the community.

What we offer

TIED and CONNECTS offers a variety of services ranging from management consulting to training and facilitation. In terms of management consulting, our team provides expertise on community engagement and needs analysis to determine the gaps between information needs and existing skills, knowledge and assets of local community. Once the gaps are determined, the preparation of the training modules will be aligned with the findings before being implemented.

TIED and CONNECTS also offer training and facilitation by highly qualified and experienced instructors, including both local and international guest speakers from educational institutes as well as the industry. Furthermore, TIED and CONNECTS are able to offer pre-designed or customized training to suit the particular needs of our clients.